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Advanced Financial Technology

Web-Based Automated Workflow Platform

Loffa Interactive Group is changing the way the financial services industry gets work done. Our web-based workflow automation platforms streamline important documentation functions from Letter of Free Funds, to Quarterly Confirms to Prime Brokerage forms.

Our Platform

Save Time

Instantly retrieve documents online so you no longer have to sift through paperwork or call someone to locate information.

Save Money

Automated workflows increase staff efficiency so you can reallocate resources and focus on your core business.

Reduce Regulatory Risk

Our products help your firm fully comply with all aspects associated with SEC regulations so you avoid costly fines resulting from audit findings.

Strengthen Internal Controls

Enhance supervisory oversight of your operational teams—whether they are located down the hall or around the world.

Get Immediate Access

Immediate search and retrieval of active and historical data for audit and regulatory purposes allows you to comply with operational and audit requirements.

Go Green

Electronic workflow virtually eliminates paper from the equation in support or as part of your firm’s economic sustainability program.

Intuitive Platform

The Ultimate Workflow Solution for Financial Services Firms

Choose from three innovative point products, or combine into a robust workflow solution that helps you efficiently manage teams, reduce operational costs, and eliminate the risks of regulatory fines.

Freefunds Verified Direct™

Electronically supervise the completion, centralization, storage, and retrieval of all DVP/COD Letter of Free Funds pursuant to SEC Regulation T 220-8 (C) (2).

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Quarterly Broker Statement™

Eliminate the manually intensive quarterly process of confirming Open Fails, Borrows, Loans, and Repos that are associated with SEC 17a-13.

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Prime Broker Integrated Network™

Onboard new Prime Brokerage relationships while centralizing all of your Prime Broker Documentation Agreements in compliance with SIA and SEC mandates.

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